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+ Setting Your Own Zero Waste Shop?

If you are interested in setting up your own Zero Waste shop, then please click on here, which will guide you through everything you need to know about setting up your own online or brick and mortar Zero Waste shop.

+ Do You Drop Ship?

We do not drop ship.

+ Minimum Order Quantity?

No minimum order quantities. So you can buy little as you want or much as you want.

+ Delivery Time & Costs?

£5 Next day Mainland England, Wales & Scotland.
£12 Two-day Northern Ireland
£12 - £15 Two or more days European orders

+ CO2 Mittigation

We use DPD for most wholesale shipments, they are a carbon neutral delivery service. Furthermore, here at Zero Waste Club, we plant a tree for every single item we sell, meaning that we offset far more carbon than we ever put into the atmosphere. Thus being carbon negative.

+ Our Materials

Our ultimate goal is make products out of waste. So all the money we make currently gets reinvested in R&D in using waste as a primary resource.

Until then, we are only using the most sustainable materials we can get our hands on.

We came across Moso Bamboo. Which is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. At some stages of it’s growth cycle, it grows a meter per day! Now that is mind blowing. So we have opted to making most of our current range out of Moso Bamboo.

+ Where and who makes the products made?

The products are currently made ethically and sustainably in Sri Lanka and in the Ningbo area of China. The workers are paid usually double the regional minimum wage. For example, the production factory in Ningbo pays the artisans double the minimum wage. Which comes to about £4 per hour. We are very happy to work with a factory that also loves people. More to come on this as we will be becoming more transparent with the people we work with. It's just it will take some time for us to shoot videos and show the facilities.

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